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Volkswagen Caravelle.


Caravelle. Betygsatt.

Motorjournalisterna testar Caravelle. Vad tycker de och vad ger de för betyg? Här hittar du deras recensioner i text och film.

Volkswagen Caravelle. Lastar bagage.

Volkswagen Caravelle review (eng).


"Any car maker setting out to design a £40,000 luxury seven-seater in today’s SUV-obsessed market would be very bold indeed to use a ‘light commercial vehicle’ – a van, to you and me – as a starting point."

Our score: 4 stars.

RPM TV testar Volkswagen Caravelle.

Episode 345 - Volkswagen Caravelle Highline 2.0 BiTDI 4MOTION.

(eng) 7:03

RPM TV Online reviews the new Volkswagen Caravelle.

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